zaterdag 17 oktober 2009

Sunday lunch at the Quatro Vientos

Howdy Cebolla,

It sure has been a while since I wrote something on this blog. You were right busy with the dachshund and other very interesting things.

I read both of your blogs. The Italian place sounds great. The afternoon woth the kids let me put it nicely sort of fun. I guess you'd rather make pumpkin soup here at Casa el Naranjo.

Between all my busy work we went out to a nice restaurant here in Spain named the Quatro vientos. We have been there before, to eat some tapas and because the tapas were so nice we decided to go back for lunch.

A good choice I might say. The boys ordered paella. Must say excellent. The rice was perfect, the filling (fish) just enough. I had the quatro vientos plato. A nice piece of lomo (pork) pepper, egg, chorizo and suprisingly good chips. Surprisingly because here in Spain the chips are normally very bad. You can say they look like long strips of very young cheese and they tast like a soggy sponge.
The other two had a very nice lambchop. Very tender meat.
As desert I had the home made arroz con leche. Thas was ok but a little bit to sweet for my taste. All in all the food, the service, the nicely set tables, atmosphere I would rate it 8,5 peppers.

Yesterday I made home made chips for the guests an us. I must say there we definitely worth 9 peppers. You can try them in December. See what you think about it.

Thats it for now. I really hope you got your energy back after your cooking class with the kids.


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