woensdag 9 december 2009

hello y'all,

If you think it's been a long time since you posted anything on this blog berejnena, then you've got nothing on me! My last post was October 16th and it was about cooking pumpkin soup with kids. That's how long it takes to recover from a traumatic experience I suppose. 2 months and a lot of Xanax!

Very interesting that 4 winds restaurant.
Judging from the name, I guess you're glad it wasn't a restaurant that specialized in dishes with 1)beans, 2)onions, 3)cabbage and 4)Garlic huh? LOL

I just looooove Paella. Well okay, I loooove risotto too and Chinese fried rice, and Indonesian fried rice and beans & rice and... You get the picture I'm sure.

I saw a TV programme once about food allergies and there was this Chinese girl who was totally allergic to rice. Even the smell of rice was enough to give her the itches and skin trouble.
Guess what business her parents had. Yup. A Chinese restaurant and they also lived over the restaurant, so all the smells seeped through the wooden floors, including that of boiling/steaming/frying rice.
Now that's a bummer, no? It's like being allergic to oxygen.

Indeed, the Spanish are not known for their chips, or French Fries, as the americans call them. But then, apart from the Belgians, other countries in the world are not as culinarily well developed as we Dutch are. Chips play a central part in our food chain and so we take great care to make perfect chips. Golden brown and crunchy, best eaten HOT. Straight from the frying pan into your mouth! Supplemented with mayonaise and/or ketchup or peanut sauce or piccalilli. Mmmmm
Other nationalities, when they hear of this, shudder. They cannot imagine eating a potato chip with mayonaise, let alone peanut sauce or piccalilli. For them only tomato ketchup will do. Tssssss. Culturally underdeveloped pygmies!
Also, they do not fry them long enough or even use the richt frying technique. They dump the roughly chopped potato into an ocean of olive oil or whatever and take them out as soon as they see the oil is bubbling. What you get is like you described: a sorry looking, pale wannabe cheese-like strip of floppy potato that looks like it's begging for a viagra pick-up.

I have not been out to dinner lately. You know how it is: Shopaholic wife, 3 dogs, 10 kids, high mortgage, personal loans, 5 maxed-out credit cards and work stress....

Hahahaha.... Thank goodness none of the above nightmares are true!
But it is true that we have not had a meal out for a while. Instead we eat in. I cook most of the time, like 99.99999% of the time. I don't mind at all though, since I'm not spice blind or hanker after macro-biotic crappola, like my other half does.

You know, I don't understand those macro-nitwits and worse: vegan twits at all.
No meat??? No Fish??? and vegans : no cheese, eggs, milk and other animal products.
May as well jump off a cliff, right?
You do know of course, that VEGETARIAN is an old Indian word for "bad hunter".
Oops. Hope no vegs are on this blog. But if there are, well, be truthful. Your lives could use spicing up. I mean, look at where you vegetarians go for a drink....
A salad bar!
Really. How dull is that?

But okay. Enough about our fellow greenlings.

It's rabbit time again at the butchers, so I'm thinking of cooking a rabbit

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