maandag 14 september 2009

ANOTHER Billy Bob evening?????

Howdy doody Berenjena,

Wow! You are one lucky so-and-so to have all those willing and able guys to do your bidding. Your kitchen bidding that is!
You have your live-at-home- cook mr. Chilipepper, the hot tempered wheeling-dealing cyclist cook on wheels and now you have roped in the Scottish Indian Curry cook from Glasgow, living in Bermejo.
Tell me. What's your secret???

I know. You bat your green eyes and loooong lashes at them and they're burnt toast! LOL

You know, if Billy Bob's gonna get serious about this curry delivery service, you may want to help him with the promo by making little felt chefs hats with Billy Bob Curry on them or on a special tag and hand them over as key rings, for his marketing.
Of course Billy Bob would have to understand that, noooo, he can't wear one of those wee felt hats 'cause his head's way too big for that now. What with his 8.something pepper rating.

So he made his famous chicken korma and colourful rice. You know, I associate the word colourful rice with colourful language. I can see and hear it now: Swearing rice with Chicken korma. A mild chicken dish served with hot language.
Heloh my der... You are looking prtty toodeh.(no I did not leave the a and e out by mistake. That's how Indians pronounce dear and pretty)
Want to rrun op wid me to jallallabad? No!!????!! ... Puckity-puckity-puck! (as you know, F is not part of the Indian vocabulary).

In any case, I see that Donaldinho aka Billiy Bob did his best once again. Glad you have extra cooking staff to help out when you need it most (read: when mr. Chilipepper is not doing the jive in the kitchen).

I'm certain he was worth every pepper.


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