zaterdag 12 september 2009

another Billy Bob evening

Howdy Cebolla,

Yes it has been a while but the eggplant was very busy. So busy with guests that we decided to orginaze a indian evening. Ant who do you call for a nice Indian meal ....
Billy Bob of course. He could start a little catering business. Well anyway. We ordered a chicken korma, colourful rice, onion relish, mint sauce and the lentel dish.
The meal was very nice. Less dishes then the evening at Bermejo but maybe thats why I could taste it a bit better. The chicken was tender and very nice. The rice was a bit different then last time this time yellow/red and flavourend with kardamom and cinnamon. Absolutely delicious. I must say this time I' giving this meal 8.25 Peppers

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