donderdag 27 augustus 2009

Paella de postres

Howdy Berenjena,

Tssss... Silly me. How could I have forgotten that your colour is not yellow. It's GREEN. As in Kermit the Frog Green.
Sooooo Does mr. Chillipepper play Miss Piggy to your Kermit? Kissy Kissy!!! LOL

Well, what's in a colour? So you get green gloves. Heck, you use them yella gloves long enough on that there rancho toilet and they'll turn green anyhow!

"We are modest... unlike some persons"
HAH! Are you implying I'm not modest!!??
I'm the most modestest and humblest-est person I know!!! But I know quality in food when I taste it and my curry was top quality!

".. unlike some other people..." Tssssss.....

Today I made a stir fry with glass noodles. Now you are gonna ask: How do you make and eat noodles from glass?

Very carefully, dear! Hahahaha

I made it with spring onions (they were jumping all over the place.They shoulda called them "boinggg-Boinggg-onions"), courgette and chicken.
The chicken I marinated in soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil, together with finely chopped garlic, ginger and onions.

And just to show you how modest I am, I'll give myself a 7.5
Mother Theresa, watch out! Saint Onion's gonna kick your saintly but offa that chair on the clouds.

Yesterday I made Jerk lamb.
Boy was that lamb ever a jerk! Trust those islam lambs to be impolite hooligans! But I sorted that leg of lamb out all right!
Just dumped it in self-made Jamaican citrus jerksauce and roasted it in the oven. I'll write down the recipe next time, after I've improved it somewhat. It was not bad, but I could have done better. In fact I often HAVE done much better. But Miek liked it. So this jerky lamb was a 6, just about.

Mr Chilli pepper's paellas are always good. But if you give it an 8, it must have been special.
Banana Ice cream. Mmmmmm Must have been Tiny Ice cream, since your bananas were mini. LOL
But okay, if it tasted half as good as his choc-a-shock Ice cream, it must be great!

Still, I suppose one day, mister CP could make paella even more special by making an ice cream cake and put it in a paella pan. Yellow banana ice cream with bits of cactus fruit, passion fruit, cherries and a bit of kiwi for "paella" decoration. Load it in his little cart and cycle all the way to town to sell it. It'll be a hit! Paella de postres. Fabulosa!!!

Yes I know. You don't need to thank me. I'm a genius. A modest and humble genius,true. But a genius never the less.
Eternal sunshine in the spotless mind. That's me... Oh wait, that was a movie about a schizophrenic....

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