donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Indian night at Bermejo

Howdy Cebolla,

Well finally here I am to write about the indian night we had at Billy Bob's house.
I promised to write my review about the food etc.
We started the evening with a nice cool tinto verano at the pool. A nice summer drink but dangerous as well because it tasts like lemonade only if you stand up you feel the alcohol.
Well at about 9 dinner was served. Because you already mentioned what Billy Bob made I will just say what I liked or not. Actually I liked everything. Unlike you for me it was spicy enough. My favorite dishes were the chicken korma, onion relish and the bread. But I also liked the other dishes. For me the rice was fine. I like the red/white rice. It looks very colourful.
I had about 2 big plates so that also says enough. And while helping Betty Sue with cleaning up I finished the last poppadum with the yoghurt mint sauce mmmmmmmm

We will definitely ask Billy Bob to cook for our guests one day.
The rating. Looking at the ambiance, company, food I'm giving this evening
8 chilipeppers.

I also have to tell you about our dinner at El Rancho Grande, acroos the street form our house. We heard dinner is very nice there as well. Since we have friends over and we didn't feel like cooking we al decided to go there.
It is a typical spanish bar/restaurant. that means no fancy tables etc and if you look to long at the cook you start wondering............
Anyway we alle ordered something different and as is almost custom in a Spanish restaurant the food is not served at the same time. So my friend got her fish first a sole that looked an tasted very good. Next were the hamburgers for the children, it looked good and according to the children it was good.
Mr. Chillipepper had a porksteak which was a bit greasy but ok. I had the mixed fried fish. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Nice and crispy served wiht a garlic mayonaise very nice.
Like I said if you don't look at the cook and the waitress, for that matter, to long you can enjoy your food a bit better. I would also skip a glance in the kitchen and use the batroom at home......
But the food was ok, ambiance very spanish, service ok. I would give 6,5 peppers.

thats it for now,

Greetings from Berenjena

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