donderdag 20 augustus 2009

cooks, looks and toilets

Howdy doody berenjena,

You gave the same amount of peppers I did. How's that for sharing a taste eh? I'll bet ole Billy Bob peed in his pants for happiness.

This peeing business brings me to my comment on your blog about your dinner at the big ranch across the street from your house.
This place sounds interesting. Next time we're at your place, we'll go there.

Usually one should never look at the cook. certainly not if you're expecting a Brad Pitt look-alike wearing a chef's hat and a spotless apron.

Nope. Most restaurant cooks look grumpy, greasy and like they have trouble spelling the words c-l-e-a-n and t-i-d-e-y.
Handsome does does not fit in that package either.

Also,their outfit, an apron with last week's menu splattered all over the front, does not help.

So now you understand why they work in Hell's Kitchens. They just ain't gonna win no fashion shoot. Not with that no-hair- head, a 5 day, mangy Yasser Arafat beard and self-rolled cigarette hangin outa the corner of their mouth.

Still, as long as you don't order a raw steak tartare or think you can eat sushi and sashimi at their place, I believe you'll be okay. Just stick to the well cooked or fried stuff.

Just as a lot of ugly bulldogs are sweeter than they look, some of those cooks can cook better than they look.

As for toilets.... I guess in places as those, they look like the cooks huh? And stink like them too I suppose. I guess you need waders - those long boots fishermen use when fishing in the rivers - to get through all the mess.
That does nothing to stimulate the appetite or to keep your meal down, let me tell you.

Good thing you live just across the railroad tracks. Your guests can run back and forth to do their business.

Hey... That's a big bucks opportunity for you guys. You can charge the rancho guests 2 euro each time they hafta go pee. Just point an arrow to your place and place a chemical portacabin toilet on your side of the tracks.

Ahhh.... I can just see you sitting there every evening, wearing a floral print apron. Wee Yellow rubber gloves and toilet brush and WC Eend next to you. Reading penny romances or Mummy I love you-novellas by the light of the lantern posts while listening to Julio Iglesias, or crochetting your latest design toilet seat covers, priced at 25 euro a piece.

Is that not a wonderful sight to behold? ......

Whaddaya mean I'm not in my right mind!!??? LOL


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