donderdag 27 augustus 2009

yellow gloves no way

howdy Cebolla,

I have been such a busy bee that I didn't have time to react on your last little story.
To start I would like to say that you are a true business onion. You see opportunities everywhere. The toiletcompany. The main problem I have whith this idea is the yellow gloves you know my favorite colour is green so NO yellow gloves. But I must say it does sound like another million dollar business, this beside the B&B our bananaplantation and Jello'07, our recipebook, need I say more we are nearly millionaires.........
Talking about banana's mr. chilipepper made ice cream of our own bananas yesterday mmmmmmmmm I would rate it at least 8 peppers. You see we are modest unlike other persons among us.
I know you are a good cook but be honest! to rate yourself 9 PEPPERS for a midweek curry that is the bloody limit!. You are as you say yourself not in your right mind
So as you promised you'll make the curry for us and then we will see what the proper rating is....

Tuesday mr. Chilipepper made paella. And altough it always tasts good this time it was really good. I dare to say 8 Peppers at least.

well better start making plans for dinner tonight

talk to you later


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