maandag 3 augustus 2009

Sausages 'n mash and salt 'n vinegar chips

Good afternoon my dear Eggplant,

There. That's this English politness over with.

Just read your s'cream post. Looks like mr. Chilipepper's doing a great job. Before you know it, he'll be a major competitor for Ola Ice cream. What the heck, let them make you an offer you'be be brainless to refuse, right?
I'll bet he could try his hand at making Milkshakes too. Rum and chocolate milkshake as in Frozen Lumumba.... Heavy on the rum. Mmmmm That's a tropical nightcap worth killing the bathroom scales for!

Ever thought of fitting him out with a little pull cart? He can hop on his bike pulling this wee cart filled with Ice cream. All well insulated against the heat naturally. He'd be the treat of the town. Great body, great bike and even greater ice cream. You guys 'd be raking in the cash and have to hire staff to keep up with demand.....

Just got back from the fab. city of London. If you have enough cash on ya, you'll never need to go hungry for even 1 second. Our hotel was situated just off Queens street. Q-street is FILLED with places to eat. Everything from pub food to luxurious dining in a sorta French restaurant where the prices are not mentioned on the menu cards. You understand of course, that we gave that last one a miss. I mean, imagine having to pay an arm and a leg for a plate fulla ex-cargos.... Slimy little buggers!! Wonder what they were before they became ex- ....

But okay, we of course sat down to an Indian curry at a place called (Surprise, surprise) Maharadja. Had king prawn vindaloo. Nice and Spicy. Just about kept the roof of my mouth intact. Great! Miek was not so lucky, alas, because the fish she had ordered was dusted with wheat flour and that is a no-no for someone with gluten allergy. Silly we had not thought to ask. None the less, I must say, her fish dish was great. I ate it all as she couldn't. Waste not want not, is another of my mottos. She had onion bhajee and lamb roganjosh instead. Our side dish was sag aloo (potato+spinach. Drinks = 1 bottle of still water. The price was not bad. 65 pounds for the lot.
The curries were all well nd delicately spiced and each tasted different. 7.8 peppers

The next day we went Persian at.... Persia!
The few times I tried persian/Iranian food in holland, I was not impressed at all. The food was dumped in all sorts of spices, of which cinnamon was the prevalent spice. Also it was rather sweet and I'm not fond of sweet main courses at all.
Persia on Q-street in London was different! It was perfect!!!
I had a BBQ-ed poussaint (chicken) in lemon, with fragrant rice and a smoked aubergine puree. The taste was ab-so-lu-tely gorgeous. The fine, fresh taste of lemon on the chicken, mingled with a touch of cumin, a wee bit of cinnamon and whatever else, bbq-ed to perfection. The rice, buttery and spiced with a bit of cardamon. The auberine puree was smoked and you tasted that throughout. It's an aquired taste, but it went very well with the chicken. Miek had a lamb stew with chick peas also cooked with lemon and tomato. A delight to eat. The lamb was soft, succulent and evenly spiced. Also served with rice and a fresh salad.A flat bread, resembling a naan, but thinner, was served with it as well. Of course, I ate that.
We were so stuffed that we only had roome for a mint tea afterwards. Drinks = 1 bottle of still water. The price: 32 pounds for the lot. We are now fans of Persian food!!! LOL 9 peppers

Next up was Italian. Quite good, but nothing we couldn't have here. Steak a la pizzaiola with spaghetti for me and grilled bream with veg. for Miek. Desert was gelatto limoncello, a sort of sorbet made with limocello liqeur, coffee and 4 liomoncello liqeurs. Price: a whopping 117 pounds!!!!! No way we're gonna do that again! 7 peppers

Our last meal was in an "all over Europe" restaurant in Camden Town. The Engineer.
Camden is a part of london where the canals used to supply the market folk. The canals are still there and so is the market. It sells everything from birds to carvings so 10th hand clothes I suppose. And food stalls galore!! Anything you'd fancy. Fish 'n chips, to moroccan, brazillian, chinese, indian, thai, you name it, the food's there.
I'll say one thing. If anyone says Hong Kong or Tokyo is crowded, They ain't seen Camden market yet! Like ants rushing all over a pile of sugar! If you're claustrophobic, don't go there!
But okay, on to the food. The restaurant is called The Engineer and serves Occidental food. Food from the european continent.
I had soup (carrot/pumpkin) Miek had salty fish and black bean salad for starters.
main: potato and mushroom tortellini and ruccola salad for me and Sea bass with mashed potato and summer greens for Miek. Desert was warm ginger cake with cream for me (mmmmmm) and white chocolate with vanilla mousse for Miek (double mmmm). Drinks: 1 bloody mary, 1 cider and 1 bottle of water. The food was very well done, very beautifully served and cooked to perfection. I wouldn't say it was highly unusual or absolutely superb, but the standards were very good, as was the service. Price: 70 pounds for the lot. 7.8 peppers.

Okay, gotta go now. The gym is holding a gun to my head! The bathroom scales have fled the country and asked for asylum in Eritrea. Smart assed corwards!!

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