vrijdag 31 juli 2009

Ice scream You scream

Howdy Cebolla,
Well well that has been a week of eating out for you.
I understand that at the moment you are walking the streets of London.
Did you behave... I mean no burgers fish and chips etc.
My guess is that you ate at least 1 time, some nice chinees food.

I promised to tell you about the homemade icecream. Mr Chilipepper bought this machine a couple of months ago and of course we had to try out different flavours.
The first one he made was chocolade icecream with chunks of chocolate. That one is definitely worth 10 chilipeppers!! My goodness it is delicious

Another flavour was hazelnut which is also very nice. A bit difficult to rate because the whole family loved it but I don't really like hazelnuts. I would say the family would rate it with 9 peppers.
Other very nice flavours were coconut (8 peppers) this one was lovely too but next time a little less sugar makes it perfect.
Mango/coconut looooooooovely , rate 8 and the cherrie icecream that was great too I would also rate this one with 10 peppers.
The yoghurt icecream, 8 peppers. We do need to work on a nice cinnamon flavour because the one we made was not so good.

The Lemon icecream served with a shot of rum is mmmmmm. I would serve this more as a drink then a desert. Something yoy like to drink on a warm night before you go to bed.

As you can read lots of icecream and lots of you scream ... you beeing the scale afterwards....

Curious to hear what you ate in London..

Safe trip home
love Berenjena

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