vrijdag 17 juli 2009

Les Ombrelles

Looks like you had yourself great meal at Billy Bob's & Betty Sue's. Those 2 sure are great prairie cooks.
You are a lucky li'll so-and-so to have a great live-in cook like mister chilipepper.
So uh... Tell me.... Did he come by his name 'cause his mama thought it suited his temper or was it 'cause he has a pointy head/chin or 'cause he loooves chili?
Ah will not be surprised if you say it's all three honey. LOL

Went out fer a nice cat fish dinner yesterday 'cause it was special. Me and mah darlin wife, Minnie Mouse, have been married 8 years! Zoooooweeeee!!!! How's that fer staying power huh? :-)

Well, we went to this place called Les Ombrelles, that seems to be French for umbrella or parasol. I didn't see no parasols or anythin cause we was sitting under the shade of a tree beside the water, watchin them water chickens swim by.

This is some fancy place. Home baked bread rolls, tapenade and somthin to amuse yer mouth before you git yer main meal. Well my mouth was amused allright. It was a small glass of crab soup, with a foam of sometin or other. Looked real purty and stated just as good too.

They did not have catfish on that there menu, thatwas soe disappointment, but I had dressed crab with toast for starters. I had expected this crab to come dressed in a french costume or so and was hoping maybe it woud do the can-can dance, but the crab was deadas a doornail. Apparently they meant that the crabmeat was put in a sauce and then back in the shell. It came complete with a set of pliers so's I could attack the claws. Well, it was really good, but messy to eat. Still, it's fun to have to work for your food. Stops me from shovin it off my plate straight into my stomach in one shot. The dressing had a bit too much lemon in it for my taste though.
Minnie had a sashimi of mackerel with a few thin slices of sweet and sour raw cucumber

Next was fried red mullet (rode poon) with summer vegetables and fried polenta slices. Minnie Mouse had Sea bass on a bed of puy lentils and caramelised chickory (witlof).
Both were excellent! The fish was done just right. Not over- or underdone. The vegetables were nicely arranged on the plate.

Then they came with another amusing yer mouth thing. A small glass of pureed watermelon with port and a foam of vanilla/orange on top.Mmmmmmm.

For desert minnie had wild peach poached in a cinnamon likeur and vanilla ice cream and I had the cheese board. Very good again. Half way we switched so's we could taste each other's desert.

Finished off with coffee and armagnac. No cigars!

After that we put on our aprons and started the evening shift washing up. It was that or go to jail.They can be sooooooo picky! I mean, what's wrong with Monopoly money, huh?
We got home at 3 in the morning! Jeez, I had no idea it could get so busy. And they didn't even pay a taxi ride! we had to walk home on our sore footsies!
You know, restaurants should use paper plates.

Next time, I'll choose jail. At least you get free breakfast!

But hey, it was worth it and I give it 3 peppers. I recommend it to all who visit The Hague.

BUT REMEMBER: they don't take no monopoly money.

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