donderdag 23 juli 2009


First of all, may I compliment berenjena on het wonderful photo of us for this blog. It's very nice indeed.
As the followers can see, berenjena is the boss, as she's bigger than li'l ole me. If I flap a skin wrong, berenjena will see to it that I become tomorrow's onion soup! LOL

I heard that señor Chilipeper thought I was was a bit mean with my rating of La Viña.

Well, you must understand that I am an old fuddy-duddy, so I tend to forget stuff like how many of him make a good score and how many don't. I thought the max score was 3 but it seems it's more. Was it 5? More? Less? I cannot remember. This is what old age does. Either old age or Korsakovs. I don't know which I'd prefer....

If 3 was not the norm, then Señor Chilipepper is right. I was too mean, but it's unintentional and I'll correct it right away.

So let's make it clear for all that 10 peppers is the max. score. To get a 10, that restaurant or cook will have to be so good, Michelin 4 star-ratings will hide in a corner out of pure shame.
10 gives room for nuance.

I hope Boss Berenjena will agree, otherwise she can tell me what she thinks is fair.

But okay if 10 is the norm, then La Viña scores 7 and Les Ombrelles 8.5.

Hopefully his meets with Señor Jalapeño not-on-a-stick's approval? LOL

By the way, I got a 10 today for my vegetarian lasagna but Miek was the one who gave me that and she's terribly biased I'm afraid, so I'll not invite Michel Roux to dine with us at home.

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