vrijdag 24 juli 2009


Hey berenjena,

How's life out there in the heat? I'll bet you and your family are lying flat out on the tiles in the house, next to your cats. Out here, the weather is so unstable, I don't know whether to wear a life jacket or a sun hat. Well, that's summer for you, over here that is.

Glad you agree on the 10 peppers Boss! :-)
And thanks for your generosity on the 50% profit! WoW!!!!

Look, us pepper lovers are just that. We've got a cast-iron stomach and our tastebuds are in great shape. Not like those whimps who need a tablespoon of sugar every time they come near a teaspoon of Tabasco... Not mentioning names. Ahem...

But I agree, I was a little too enthoustic with addin the hots in the dish. Still, it turned out pretty well. Not that it will have a repeat, since I noticed you AB-SO-LU-TE-LY did not want the recipe.

Señor Chilipepper: "I'd like the recipe"

Berenjena "Uuh... let's leave that for special occasions, like .... only when she's here"

And this was repeated 3 times. LOL

Don't worry, no more pepper chicken at your house. hahahaha

That nasi sounds good, but then, señor chilipeper is a pretty good cook. I'll bet he could give Billy Bob a run for his money.

That's what you get with them spanish french fries. wobbly and floppy. Yuck. Hopefully that does not reflect their male family jewel.... Oh well, stick a hot jalapeño where the sun don't shine and all's well. Or better yet, I'll serve em my undiluted pepper chicken dish! Beats vaigra, I'll bet!

Hmmm The quality of this conversation is going downhill. Exuse moi.

What's for dinner:
I know you're gonna think we lead a decadent life, and maybe we do in a way, but this evening we are going out to dinner again. Then we'll go see a movie. It's an arthouse movie called Megane. That's Japanese for Chill! or so I've read. So let's see how this person starts and enjoys a holiday.

For a bite to eat we'll pop down to Harvest, our favourite dim sum dive. Tell you what we picked later.

Tomorrow... yup, out to dinner AGAIN..... But this time it's for free as Peter, our Buddy, is gonna treat us to dinner at Napoli, Rotterdam. You can bet I'm gonna pick the most expensive dish on the menu and drink myself silly!

Hasta la pasta and enjoy your dinner.

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