woensdag 8 juli 2009

Howdy cebolla,

Well no sign of the lowlife varmint and definitily no sign of a dee-tec-ive. I guess she is on holiday or still at the hospital in Tennessee....
I do have a primo suspect but no can tell on this public site.

Told you that we were going out for a meal at a friends house. We had a lovely JJJsoup
that is their names added with Jamie Oliver. They made this lovely soup, but to tell you the thruth it looked pretty disgusting. Like a big bowl of dark brown whatever. But the taste was great.
It contained, spinach (you now I hate it but this way it tasted good) , chorizo, garbanzobeans tomatoes, spices, onions and serrano ham and chopped hard boiled egg.
I think we should hand out chilipeppers I would say 5 is the max. and 5 chilis make a B&C star (which is of course similar as the michelin star!!)
I would rate this soup : 2 chilipeppers
Last night I ate a minus 5 chilipepper diner. Didn't really feel like eating and shared some pasta with tomato frito with my son. Just pasta with tomato frito well what can I say I added some salade to pimp it up but.......
By the way I think the boyo desert is a good one for our recipe book what do you think?

What was on you plate mrs C?

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  1. Oh really? Ya got a sus-pect? Surely not that werkrök guy?? Ah do declare.... Or would it be that there 2-timin sack of dry balls in your street to give his new lay-dee a present?

    Well, that dinner soup sure sounds nice even though it looked like somethin the Mississippi barfed up on a stormy night. But looks can be deceiving I see. If you give it 2 peppers, Isurely will agree, seein as how we have the same taste an'all.
    Girl, why did you not put in some of those meat balls I made you last time I was over at your place. makes that Frito sauce tase a whole lot better. Or did Gandalf the cat make the minced meat disappear off the kitchen table?

    What was on my plate today was a chili con carne that was so chili, I gave myself a belly ache. Tip: Don't put a whole madame jeannette pepper in a small bowl of chili. Or small bowl of anything for that matter. I'm scared of going to the toilet tomorrow already.....
    I should know better but you know me... always riding the ragged edge of disaster... Hahaha

    Yeah, I'll send you the boyo recipe with a cartoon of a boyo. As in boy-oh boy... Hahaha What do ya think... With or without chest hair? LOL