donderdag 16 juli 2009

dinner at Billy Bobs House

Howdy Cebolla,

Muchas gracias, for your reaction. Well I told you I was invited over at Billi Bob's and Betty Sue's house to have dinner last Sunday. The dinner was delicious!.
After an nice shandy (never drank it before it is different..) and a tinto dinner was served.
chunky chili patatoes, pincho de pollo (without the pincho) and thin sliced tomatoes with mozzarella and yoghurtmintsauce.
The patatoes, like BB already said he didn't put enough chili on the chunks which was fine by me because to much always means that you don't taste the rest and you 'enjoy' the chili again the next day.
They were tasty though, the chicken was nicely spiced and in combination with a mint yoghurt sauce even better. And you cannot go wrong with tomatoes and mozzarella.
The big question of course is how many chili's is this worth. I would say 2 1/2 chilipepper for this meal.

I forgot to tell you that the other night mr Chilipepper (who lives in this house) made a lovely dinner as well. Grilled thin sliced chickenbreast, a spicy warm tomatosauce, rice, green beans in a coconuttomato sauce and a nice salade. The spicy tom. sauce is a secret sauce, absolutely delicous. But we cannot get the recipe for out book. Next time I'll give mr Chilipepper a bit more wine while cooking so I can discover what's in the sauce.
This meal was in my opinion also worth 2 1/2 chilipepper.

Curious to know what you had on your plate this week. Did you eat out?

And still waiting for the boyorecipe with illustration without chesthair.......


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