vrijdag 24 juli 2009

10 little chilipeppers

Hello Onion,

Well it has to be said, one of us needs to be the boss. But since I'm such a nice boss I'll give you 50 % of the shares and any profit we will make on our Berenjena & Cebolla's fabulous world of food cookbook!!

I totally agree with the chilipepper rating. So I have to change my rating of Billi Bob's dinner as well. That will be a 7,5 then. My own pasta frito will be a minus 10!!

Sounds you had a couple of great meals in the restarants you visited.
I stayed at home this week and must say mr. Chilipepper made some lovely dinners.
He made a really nice nasi with peanutsauce. Not to spicy so everybody could eat it. It was also a 7.5
I like it better when it is not to spicy so you can add sambal or other spicy stuff yourself.
Last year we had a cook in our kitchen (won't mention names but its yellowish and has layers.....) she decided to make some spicy chicken........I thought why not join the cook in the kitchen and keep her company. So we chatted away while she was grinding the chilipeppers. It only took me 2 seconds to sniff the pepper and start coughing for an hour or 2. She tried the chicken just to see how spicy it was. Well let me tell you it was the first time I saw a sweating onion. My goodness it was hot like hell!!
The cook and mr chilipepper had no problem eating this spicy but she had to add some stuff to make it eatable for the rest of us.

Yesterday we did go out for lunch and had some Tapas at a typical local spanish restaurant.
I had a ensalada russa and a pincho the gambas. It was ok. The pincho I would say is a 6 because they added chips and they were not ok. Like always soft greasy brrrrrrrrr.
The ensalada was ok as well I would say a 6 as well.
Mind you it is not a fancy restaurant. The atmosphere is always nice and typical spanisch ..with a loud tv.

That's it for now . Don't know what I'll have for dinner tonight you?
Next time I'll will write something about teh lovely icecreams mr. Chilipepper makes mmmmm

hasta la pasta Berenjena

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