zaterdag 12 september 2009

Indonesian dinner at Casa El Naranjo

Howdy Cebolla,

This is about a meal I have to tell you about. We had guests, I must say regular guests, who love food and wine.
The lady, who I will call lady A, loves to cook and is an expert in cooking Indonesian food. So when she offered to make some Indonesian dishes, what can one say but Yes!
It is always a lot of work so she started the day before. The chicken was marinated, the cucumber pickled, the rice soaked, a lovely greenbean dish prepared and some other things.

The food was mainly a surprise for mr. Chilipepper who would return from Holland.
We also had guests who liked to join us as well.
Needless to say that it was a surprise for mr. Chilipepper.

Before we could eat lady A had a lot more to cook, prepare etc.
So of she went to our kitchen and started withe the pots and pans.

I'll tell you what the dishes were but to be honest I forgot the names of evenrything so hopefulle lady A will react to my story and name the dishes.
What did we have: nice yellow rice, marinated chicken with a very very nice peanutsauce. Greenbeans with shrimps, Lady A mentioned that normally she uses the little dutch shrimps but since they don't sell them here she used bigger ones, well I'll tell you it was lovely.
Lady A also made a nice vegetable dish, cabbage, mushrooms, bacon and other secret ingredients. The dish our children loved was a meatloaf dish called fricadel. An over dish mmmmmmmmmm.
This all was served with kroepoek,the pickled cucumbers and dried onions.

I abslolutely loved it and if Lady A will come back and offers to make this food again we won't hesitate to say Yes!!.

I rate this food 8,5 peppers!. The taste, the combination of dishes, the athmosphere it is worth it!

talk to you soon

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